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The term “sponsored article” The advertorial is a combination of advertisement and article. It is written in the form of an article as an independent press release when it actually advertises he a specific product or object of interest. Sponsored articles present true information, but are edited by the author, who is most often a company promoting its products, in such a way as to emphasize or to clarify certain elements and thus maintain the interest of the reader. A well-known example are magazines available on board aircraft that contain articles about the destinations of the airline. Because of being a sponsored article, I AGREE THAT THE INTERNET WEBSITE HAS EXAMPLES OF ILLUSTRATING THAT CAN BE ACHIEVED THROUGH THIS PROGRAM AND THAT THE STORY DESCRIBED ABOVE SHOULD NOT BE UNDERSTOOD LITERALLY. Their website receives payment for clicks or purchases of products presented on this site. Their program is not a job, but a development opportunity that can help them learn how to make money through entrepreneurial initiatives. Anyone who decides to buy any money-making program is not guaranteed to earn money because of the fact that they have purchased this program. People who think they “bought this program, so they automatically make money” are wrong. Since every kind of education depends on many variables, it is hard to judge what effect you can expect, but the people who bought this program have signed up for additional workshops and training in addition to it, and have used the knowledge they gained in growing markets, kept to their commitments, and continued to learn. If you follow the path that these people have followed, you can expect a general increase in knowledge in the selected area, but you should not expect any specific earnings. The average users who have read the initial material but have not enrolled in training, are not keeping their commitments and do not use the knowledge they have gained, usually do not make any money. Although the success of the person presented is real, their image and name have been changed to protect their identity. According to the concept of the sponsored article, the comments included in the comments section are a representation of typical comments and experiences which have been presented in the form of dialogue but they are not real entries on this website but have been created for illustrative purposes.