October 12, 2023

Traveler’s Choice: Bali Named Top Asian Island Destination

Traveler’s Choice: Bali Named Top Asian Island Destination

Did it come as a surprise that Bali, often referred to as the ‘Island of the Gods,’ clinched the title of Best Island in Asia for 2023, surpassing renowned destinations like Thailand’s Koh Samui and the picturesque Palawan in the Philippines? This coveted accolade was bestowed upon Bali in the prestigious Conde Nast Readers’ Choice Awards, a globally recognized celebration of exceptional travel experiences.

What makes these awards particularly special is that they are determined by real travelers, offering valuable insights into the most sought-after destinations. This year, more than 520,000 travelers cast their votes across various categories, ranging from top islands to the most welcoming countries.

Bali earned recognition in two key categories: Best Island in Asia and Best Resorts in the World. So, if you’re wondering about the best spots to explore on this top Asian island right now, look no further than the bustling hubs of Canggu, Uluwatu, Ubud, and Nusa Penida, which are currently in high demand.

But for those seeking the allure of the best Asian island without the crowds, where should you turn your attention?

Canggu stands as Bali’s trendiest destination today, abuzz with beach clubs and vibrant nightlife, making it the top choice for young travelers in search of sun, surf, and entertainment. Yet, if you venture a bit further along the southern coast, you’ll discover Seseh, a charming coastal village experiencing gradual growth, reminiscent of Canggu about seven years ago.

Seseh offers a delightful blend of locally run homestays, newly constructed villas, hip surfy cafes, and a pristine stretch of beach, providing visitors with the best of both worlds. Uluwatu, with its undeniable beauty and well-known surf retreats, is no longer a well-kept secret. This area boasts luxurious villas, beach clubs, and a breathtaking rugged coastline.

As Uluwatu becomes increasingly popular, neighboring Kutuh eagerly welcomes a new wave of tourists. Nestled between Nusa Dua and Uluwatu, Kutuh Village offers another delightful “best-of-both-worlds” experience for travelers. While Ubud is rightfully Bali’s hub for arts and culture, it’s been grappling with traffic issues recently. However, this shouldn’t deter you from exploring the area, as several other regions offer stunning rice terraces, jungle ridge lines, and an authentic Balinese cultural experience.

Situated approximately an hour’s drive from central Ubud, Sidemen Village has much to offer, from silver-making workshops to thrilling white-water rafting. Nusa Penida currently ranks as the most sought-after day trip experience for Bali tourists. With over two million visitors making the crossing from Sanur this year, it’s growing in popularity.

As Nusa Penida gets busier, savvy Bali enthusiasts are quick to point out that Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan offer everything Nusa Penida does but at a slightly more relaxed pace. Nusa Lembongan remains a hidden travel gem, perfect for those who desire island vibes and ample sunshine.

Turning our attention back to the Readers’ Choice, it’s no surprise to Bali enthusiasts that the Kclub Ubud claimed the top spot in Asia. This 5-star resort excels thanks to its wide array of guest activities and its jungle setting. Considered one of Indonesia’s hospitality gems, the national tourism board, Wonderful Indonesia, has extended its congratulations to the Kclub Ubud team.