January 3, 2024

Indonesia’s Immigration Innovation: Online Visa Extensions and 5-Year Multiple-Entry Visas

Indonesia’s Immigration Innovation: Online Visa Extensions and 5-Year Multiple-Entry Visas

Indonesia’s Immigration Department, under the leadership of Director General Silmy Karim, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of services provided by the department. Karim envisions establishing a world-class immigration service that benefits Indonesian citizens, expatriates, and tourists. In recent months, the Department of Immigration, in collaboration with Karim, has unveiled various new services, visas, and strategies poised to transform the foreigner’s experience with immigration in Indonesia.

In a recent announcement, Karim disclosed the launch of an online visa permit extension service through the website evisa.imigration.go.id. Emphasizing the department’s commitment to digitalization strategies, he stated, “Immigration continues to improve services through digitalization strategies. We launched this new service to simplify and expedite the stay permit extension process, eliminating the need for foreigners to physically visit the immigration office.”

“Now, it can be done online, and there is no longer a need to stamp the stay permit on the passport because it is sent directly to the applicant’s email. Starting from applying for a visa and extending a stay permit, a foreigner can do it online through the Directorate General of Immigration official website.”

Visa categories eligible for online extension include Holiday, Family, Transit Single-Entry Visitor Visa (index C1), Medical Treatment Single-Entry Visitor Visa (index C3), Foreign Government Official Trips Single-Entry Visitor Visa (index C4), Short Courses and Training Single-Entry Visitor Visa (index C9), and International Exhibition Single-Entry Visitor Visa (index C11).

Karim assured that the new online extension feature, after successful trials, would be implemented starting December 31, 2023. This initiative aims to provide foreigners in Indonesia with a more convenient and efficient experience in processing visas and residence permits.

Karim emphasized the Directorate General of Immigration’s commitment to continuous development in the online immigration service system, stating, “The continuous development of the online immigration service system carried out by Immigration is our commitment to digitalization. Our team continues to conduct studies, observations, and evaluations of developments in public needs to provide the best.”

Tourists, business travelers, and expats in Bali can anticipate further updates to the immigration system in 2024. Notably, the department recently introduced the new 5-year multiple-entry visa for tourism and business purposes, known as D1 and D2 visas, which can be applied for online via the visa.imigration.go.id website. These visas, priced at IDR 15,000,000 (approx USD 970), offer unlimited entries and remain valid throughout the five-year period.

Karim highlighted the department’s efforts to streamline the visa application process, stating, “The Directorate General of Immigration is trying to make it easier for foreigners to apply for an Indonesian visa online… The President’s direction is clear that digitalization is a solution to make services faster, easier, and better.”

Looking ahead, tourists planning to visit Bali are encouraged to apply for their tourism visa before arrival. The eVisa on Arrival, available for travelers from 97 countries, costs IDR 500,000, is valid for 30 days, and can be extended once online or at immigration for an additional 30 days. Despite discussions about the potential return of visa-free travel for Bali’s top foreign arrivals, no legislative changes have been implemented thus far, according to the Tourism Minister.